Flat6Labs Cairo is a start-up accelerator designed to support and empower the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the ecosystem.

Falak Startups

Falak Startups is a start-up accelerator designed to support and empower the next generation of Egyptian entrepreneurs and contribute to the development of the ecosystem.

EFG-EV Fintech

EFG-EV Fintech is a fintech focused start-up accelerator that combines the financial know-how of EFG Hermes and entrepreneurial expertise of Egypt Ventures to launch the country’s most powerful fintech-focused startup accelerator.

Aswak Misr Express

Aswaq Misr Express is the managing and operating arm of Tahya Misr in charge of implementing its flagship project, “Street 306" that consists of food trucks, throughout Egypt


AvidBeam is a video analytics firm that offers a range of software solutions to help customers use their video information in much easier and more efficient ways. The company uses machine learning, computer vision, big data tools and visualization techniques to support its software. AvidBeam tackles the problem of scalability on the cloud of computer vision applications. The target markets for Avid beam are security & surveillance, automotive and retail.

Nawah Scientific

Nawah Scientific is the first private multidisciplinary research center in Egypt catering for natural and medical sciences. Through their high-tech research equipment they facilitate analysis for others, contract research and sell in house developed products.


Halan is Egypt’s first two & three-wheeler ride hailing app, that mainly focuses on providing a convenient and affordable means of transportation to underserved communities. With an intention of becoming ‘Pan-African’, Halan also operates in Sudan and already expanded to Ethiopia. On its way to becoming the region’s de facto ‘Super App’, Halan has recently launched many new verticals such as on-demand logistics – supporting big clients , as well as an e-payment solution, an e-commerce platform, and peer-to-peer delivery.


An AI backed technology that provides timely recommendations to companies to optimize cloud server capacities and improve application performance thereby reducing excess waste on unutilized capacities.

Garment IO

Garment IO is a smart IoT platform tailored to boost the productivity of the garment manufacturing industry. It is a plug and play, software/hardware solution providing garment factory managers and owners a complete overview on production processes, worker performance and production cost calculation. All down to the transaction detail, real-time and accessible online.


Wasla is an incentivized and gamified mobile web browser that rewards users with free internet for browsing the web and have plans of pushing into the peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers and payments space.


Paynas is a cloud HR and payroll platform that brings banking, insurance & benefits to employees based on data analytics and AI. Paynas signed key partnership agreements with VISA, Banque Misr, & AXA which represent a fundamental milestone in the company’s potential growth and competitive edge.