About Us

Established in 2017, Egypt Ventures is an investment firm seeded by the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation with a mandate of supporting and investing in startups from a diverse range of sectors across Egypt. Egypt Ventures has created a blended finance model through which investments are directed into accelerators, venture capital firms, and startups at the early and growth stages. We invest in innovation-driven enterprises led by strong and resilient entrepreneurs that have the potential to create high economic value and compete on an international level. Egypt Ventures aims to cultivate and foster a startup culture in the Egyptian economy, catalyze the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and build economic competitiveness leading to GDP growth.

Develop the Egyptian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Increase deal-flow from startups to scaleups.

Support the development of new and existing accelerators and venture capital firms.

Act as a market catalyst for socio-economic development.

Fill the finance gap between self-financing and conventional capital market activity.

what we look for

Egypt Ventures invests in high growth startups with strong market potential. We look for startups with well-balanced teams driven by resilient leadership, and following a clearly defined path to business scalability.


Egypt Ventures invests in quality startup accelerators that support seed stage, growth-driven companies through education, mentorship, financing. Such accelerators are crucial to the development of the Egyptian economy.


Egypt Ventures invests in funds with strong management teams and aims to support new fund managers as they address financing gaps in many underserved markets and encourage a more diverse marketplace.

Value Proposition

The company developed a product/service that adds real value to customers and improves or alters the way the industry operates..

The company developed a product/service that adds real value to customers and improves or alters the way the industry operates..

The business model enables an increase in customer base and performance without a penalty in cost or functionality.


the company demonstrated moment growth and the consistent ability to gain customers and retain them

Industry Potential

The company developed new processes or methodologies that have the possibility of reshaping industry practices.

Market Potential

The product/service provide real value for customers by solving an existing problem. The product is superior to competitor in terms of: newness, product, design, price, accessibility, convenience.

Growth Potential

The company exhibit profitable reinvestment opportunities.